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...interacting with actors
"Most Outstanding Contribution To The Entertainment Industry"
For his contributions made as an acting instructor for the studios.
Given annually by the Southern California Motion Picture Council.
"The best thing about Tom Logan's workshop is the way he leaves the actors... they have 'seen' the audition process from the other side, and they are now free to go in and audition with the greatest confidence, channeling their energies into the actual performance rather than wasting it on insecurity, second guessing, and nervousness. There is always a waiting list for the next scheduled workshop."
Tomorrow Talent, New York City
"What Tom Logan offers the young actor is invaluable. He covers it all! In conducting his TV/Film/Commercial workshop with our graduating class each year he gives them a wonderful headstart on getting into the business."
Georgia Phillips
Associate Director for Instruction
American Academy of Dramatic Arts, West
"Tom Logan's camera seminar is among our most popular seminars. Few students take it only once, but come back each time he is at the studio. I highly recommend Tom's seminar for both beginning and advanced students."
Kathy Tyner, President
KD Studios, Dallas, TX
"Tom Logan's seminars have been a God-send for our students. His hands-on approach to teaching keeps the students riveted, while his wit and showmanship keeps them laughing. Tom Logan is a must for every acting school's curriculum."
Rodney Robb, President
Actors Center, Philadelphia, PA
"100% without a doubt, Tom's TV/Film/Commercial workshop is the best in the country! It is absolutely amazing what he accomplishes in three days. I, as a casting director, even benefit from his seminar. Tom is active in the entertainment industry on a national level."
Tina Real, President
Tina Real Casting, San Diego, CA
"Tom Logan is an awesome speaker and wonderfully entertaining. It is amazing how Tom achieves major improvement in students' skills in just a short time. Tom clearly cares about each student, effectively teaching them important technique and skill for the acting profession. It is an extraordinary pleasure to offer Tom's special qualities to our students."
Joe Durkin, President
JRP Entertainment, Chicago, IL
"Tom is truly a gifted teacher/director who knows how to coerce, humor, inspire, and sometimes even provoke, to achieve the desired response from his actors. He has perfected the art of challenging the potential of each actor without sacrificing individuality for the sake of technique. His dynamics are a must for aspiring actors of all ages and levels."
Susan Arrand, Arrand Modeling & Talent Agencies
Fenton, Bay City, & Saginaw, MI

"It is amazing how one person can relate so much information in such a short period of time. Tom makes it fun to learn with never a dull moment."

Don Hull, Casting Director
Linda Layman Agency, LTD, Tulsa, OK

"... filled with practical information and helpful hints where both the participants and the promoters enjoy and profit from the experience. A must for all my actors."

Juanell Walker, Owner
Talent Trek Agency, Knoxville, TN

"The students found him highly knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and he directed his workshop in a most effective manner. On a scale of one to ten, some of his students evaluated him an eleven, the others were tens!"

Robert Klineman, Founder & Conferene Director
Apsen Winter Arts Conference & Festival

"The Academy's 25 year relationship with Tom has been a never ending learning experience. Tom's teaching brings the Academy an incredible experience of hands-on instruction which could only be brought out by someone working in the heart of the entertainment industry."

Lori Ully Chell, Director
Silhouette Academy, Lethbridge, Canada

"Two days with Tom Logan is better than five years of instruction in New York. As a Louisiana Film Commission member I stongly influence every actor to study with Tom Logan, whenever and wherever possible."

Mary Ann Mason, President
Actors Assistance, Inc., New Orleans, LA

"Tom brings experience, humor, wisdom, information, common sense, and love for his work. His style is encouraging, witty, and realistic. If he were a college professor, his courses would be filled every term!"

Robert Schnake, Chairman, Theatre Department
Central College, Pella, IA
(949) 632-7023 Phone